If you want a refreshing home in summer and a warmer home in winter, you can improve your building insulation and replace your old windows and doors with new efficient ones

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If you want to reduce your energy consumption and costs and have more comfort in your home, you can do so by investing in a new central heating/cooling system, replacing your conventional lighting system with an efficient one or replacing your old home appliances with new ones with a minimum A class rating

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If you want to reduce electricity costs, minimise your costs for heating premises or heating water, you can do so by using energy from renewable sources such as solar panels and biomass heating systems

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EE loan and your benefits

Steps for your investment

Partners and contacts for eco equipment

Consult the bank for your planned investment

Purpose investments in renovations or home improvements (e.g. a current flat, house or other residence) involving energy efficiency measurements
Currency    MKD   EUR 
MKD 30,000 up to MKD 600,000 EUR 10,000 up to EUR 50,000
Annual fixed interest rates 6% for МКD fixed for the first year, after that 3,5% + T-bills, but not less than 6.95% (rate of total costs 6.47%) 6% for ЕUR fixed for the first three years, after that 5.5% + 6 month Euribor, not less than 6.95% (rate of total costs 6.38%)
Term up to 96 month for МКD up to 180 month for ЕUR
Instalment payment options monthly payments
Minimum period in current employment 6 months
Collateral bill of exchange, guarantor, legal right to debit the client’s account, movables, real estate
Required documents applicant’s ID card, passport or other valid form of identification
Investment Expenditures before investment Expenditures after investment Savings Return on investment
I invested in new windows and door and wall insulation in my family house, which is 100m2 and has two floors. 20.000 kWh / annually 12.000 kWh / annually 8.000 kWh / annually 9 / years
Total investment: 300.000  MKD 84.000 MKD / annually 50.400 MKD / annually 33.600 MKD / annually
Term: 6 години
Monthly instalment: 4.972 MKD         
Annual fixed interest rate: 6%
Solar panels
Home appliances
Cooling system
Heating system
Geothermal pumps
Biomass boilers
LED lighting
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